Compliance is new Business Transformation

DBJ.Systems Compliance delivers: Clarity, Reliability and Feasibility


What is it, we exactly will do for you?

We operate in the SME part of the economy. Basically we are your business compliance guardian angels.

We will dramatically raise your business compliance level.

We will do it through expert implementation, configuration and monitoring of your email infrastructure.  Did we mention the costs? Ah yes, and it will most likely be dramatically cheaper vs your current legacy email solution.

Email? Yes your business email is the key

Due to poor and legacy email solutions, many SME's are suffering email outages, legacy infrastructure and most worrying: non compliance. This is why we do implement first and foremost business email solution based on Microsoft Exchange On-Line.


Your business will be more competitive, resilient to regulators and cheaper to run.

First we look at your business email and compliance situation. The two most important and costly, "pain points" of every SME today. Then we suggest the most workable solution and we agree on timelines and costs with you. Then we carry out what we planned together. This phase might sound complex but very often we finish it in less than a month. Testing included.

Your compliance will be monitored and protected

We do constantly suggest feasible improvements, technical advice and, if you need them, we will work with your Compliance Advisers. Even if you do not have Advisers your level of compliance and readiness will sharply increase. While your email and compliance related IT costs will go in the exactly opposite direction: down.

Of course if you are Office 365 users we will smoothly integrate with your Office 365 administrators. Unless you think it is most workable for you we take care of that duty too.

Most importantly we constantly watch your business email for Compliance smoothness and possible breaches.

We work in the SME part of the economy. That is; up to 250 employees.